We have a broad experience base, including: churches, sanctuaries, multi-use facilities, auditoriums, gymnasiums, schools, daycare, offices, organized camps, site development and planning, outdoor recreation facilities, adaptive reuse, medical, commercial, civic, multi housing, and industrial.

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Teaming and collaboration is the method to achieve success in today's complex buildings where many specialists are necessary to deal with the wonderful technologies available. Acoustics, sound systems, architectural lighting, theatrical lighting, video display, data, communications systems, drama and staging, Green Design for building and property, efficient energy systems, good HVAC controls, future technology flexibility, interior spaces and functions, exterior people space, circulation/connectivity, image/style, budget constraints... these are all things that we take strong interest in. These must all be balanced and blended into a strong aesthetic package.

We respond to the needs of our clients, the surroundings or site, and other input, rather than force a "style" on them. In so doing we have designed a wide range of exterior and interior aesthetics rather than create a "signature" style that is architect oriented rather than focusing on the clients vision.

Over 110 church related projects since 1993 and over 100 commercial or other projects since or prior create the experience necessary to take your goals and vision and make them reality.  We're innovate, practical, and capable. Please let us know how we can help make your dreams come alive.

Tarr Architects as a practice specializing in churches and related facilities was started in 1993. Terry M. Tarr, Principal Architect with church, commercial, medical and other experience since 1981, has been a licensed architect in California since 1988.

Our office is located in Oxnard, CA but we can serve projects all over the Golden State.

1237 S. Victoria Ave., Suite 257
Oxnard, CA 93035
Ph: 805.660.3529